RisingIPTV FAQ's

Depending on the work hour, we can provide trial accounts in minutes to a couple of hours. Please keep patience.

If you haven’t received your trial account within 10 hours, please send us an email.

We support wide range of devices, like Smart TVs, Windows, Android & IOS devices, MacBook, Amazon Firestick, Mag Devices and more.

You can read our installation guide for each device here.

We’ve limited the use of devices to one device per subscription. If you want to have multiple device support, You can buy two subscription.

You can see the Channels we provide from here.

On occasaional main sporting Events, we limit trial account access until the game is completed.

We’re compelled to do so in order to protect ourselves from trial hogs.

We will activate you account within a minute to a couple of hours after you purchase the order. Sometimes, It might take a little more, Keep patience.

Keep an eye on your E-mail!

You’re always welcome to get our free 24 Hours IPTV Trial before buying subcription from us.

We offer refund within 3 days from your date of purchase with a valid reasoning.

Yes, We offer a reseller plan at the best price. To buy the reseller plan contact us.

Our services use the latest H264 technology, offering the best compression and quality.

The IPTV stream sizes are roughly around 8 Mbit. However when changing channels the H264 protocol may bounce higher slightly to begin showing the picture.

A minimum of 30 Mbps stable Internet is our recommendation.
You can always use our trial service, to check if it runs in your Internet.

Yes, we have EPG for most of the channels (Electronic Program Guide).

If while you are watching a channel the service appears to have paused, simply select and open another channel, then return to the original channel to see if it is now playing, this can be due to breaking in transmission for a second, the software will halt under these conditions.

If you are using a set-top box such as MAG or AVOV and have just set up your device with our service, you will need to perform a reset of your device. Simply power off your device, unplug your power cable and re-plug it in.

For Kodi, you will need to clear your cache. If unsuccessful, attempt a re-install of Kodi itself.

Though almost all of our Servers are stable, sometimes some channels do freeze or don’t work due to various reasons but it’s not for permanently. Our expert engineers are always working to fix them.

Most of the time, these issues are temporary and caused by the below reasons:

Customer internet fluctuations. The issue with the box/apps/customer setup in general. Your ISP has an issue. Channel is down from the server end. Server update/restart from our end

Our service is IP locked. Your account will be locked to your country which you sign first. 

If you want to change country, Let us know we can change your country.

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